Dimensions (engineered, 45° angle):

— 15(4+11)*90*500 mm

— 15(4+11)*120*590 mm

— 15(4+11)*140*690 mm

— 20(6+14)*90*500 mm

— 20(6+14)*120*590 mm

— 20(6+14)*140*690 mm


Species: oak Rustic

Surface & Treatments: brush, knots not filled (scraped three widths)

Finishing: natural oil


Grades of wood:

Classic – natural wood grains and colors. Sound knots up to 10mm, pin-knots up to 3mm. Without cracks and sapwood.

Rustic – natural wood grains and colors. Sapwood, cracks, core wood allowed. Knots without restrictions. Fissures are puttied with dark-brown filler.