Dimensions (solid, angle 45°):

15\16*70*500mm (oak)

15\16*100*600mm (oak\ ash\ thermo-ash)

15\16*120*800mm (oak\ ash\ thermo-ash, thermo-oak)

15\16*150*800mm (oak\ ash\ thermo-ash)

20\21*70*500mm (oak)

20\21*100*600mm (oak)

20\21*120*800mm (oak)

20\21*150*800mm (oak)


Species: oak

Surface: brushed /smooth

Bevels: 4-sides

Finishing: UV-varnish \ natural oil\ unfinished

Thickness of prefinished planks – 15mm and 20mm.

Thickness of unfinished planks – 16mm and 21mm.


Grades of wood (oak):

Extra — wood of a relatively unitary natural color, various grain. Acceptable sound and intergrown knots – up to 6 mm. Permitted sound sapwood on the left side, does not go through the using layer. Checks and shakes are not permitted. Medullary ray or glance, are acceptable.

Medium — wood of a natural color, various grain. Sound and intergrown knots – up to 10 mm, unsound knots up to 5 mm. Permitted sound sapwood on the left side going through the using layer without the face layer. Checks of a 1mm depth and shallow shakes are permitted. Medullary ray or glance are acceptable.

Provence — various color and grain wood. Permitted sound and intergrown knots and knots aggregation to 25 mm. Acceptable sound sapwood and medullary ray on the right side, checks of a depth to 1mm. Only shallow shakes permitted.