Plank & herringbone parquet — dimensions:

20*90*600\700\800 (solid)

12,7\13,7*95*600\700\800 (triple-oak)

12,7\13,7*146*1000\1100\1200\1300\1400 (triple-oak)


Solid boards — dimensions:

20*90/120/140/160/180*600-2400 mm


Triple-oak floorboards — dimensions:  

12,7\13,7*95*600\700\800 mm

12,7\13,7*146*1000-1400 mm

12,7\13,7*185*1500-2000 mm

12,7\13,7*200*2000-2400 mm


Engineered boards — dimensions:

12(3+9)*140*1190 mm

13(4+9)*140*1190 mm


Species: oak Antique

Surface & Treatments: brush

Bevels: 4-sides bevel

Finishing: natural oil


Grades of wood:

Premium – natural colors, without sapwood, intergrown sound knots up to 5-10mm are sporadically allowed.

Deluxe – natural wood colors, sapwood is acceptable. Intergrown sound knots up to 5-25mm are allowed. Dead or cracked knots up to 5mm are filled.

Antique – natural colors. Sapwood allowed at no more than 20 % of the width and at no more than 30% of planks. Sound knots up to 50-80mm acceptable, black knots up to 25 mm diameter acceptable. Dead or cracked knots are filled. Texture and color variations are allowed.

Antique-Grande – differences in color, cramps, healthy sapwood are allowed at no more than 25 % of the width.